Refill Beads 3.5 Cubic Feet

Refill Beads 3.5 Cubic Feet

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Retail Price:$89.00
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Sumo Bean Bag Refill Beads

Is your bean bag deflating or has it lost most of its fluffiness? Then it is time to replace the beads inside your bean bag chairs with high quality Sumo bean bag replacement beads. Upgrade and replenish your bean bag beads with a new bag of tiny polystyrene foam balls from Sumo Lounge. We have lower prices than LoveSac and any other competitor so don't waste time and money shopping around. At Sumo Lounge, we know no one likes a deflated bean bag chair and no one likes to overspend so buy low priced Sumo Lounge replacement beads today. Add some extra Sumo beads to your discount bean bag chair for the best experience possible.

'Contains 3.5 Cubic Feet. Contact customer support for product fill amounts'

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