About Us

Why Choose Sumo Lounge?

Here at Sumo Lounge, we pride ourselves on providing the best for our customers. That means creating the most comfortable, durable and stylish bean bag chairs money can buy. Our chairs are very fluffy and are very simple to clean.

We have everything you would need for your collection of bean bag chairs, from enormous bed-like bags to the smallest ottoman shaped chairs, we have something for everyone of every shape and size. You can also choose what kind of material it is made of and your favorite color allowing you to always have a great match for you and your home.

Sumo lounge Canada was founded in 2004, meaning that we have over a decade of experience that allow us to help you find your ideal bean bag chair.

We at Sumo Lounge, care very much about your budget so we have ensured that not only are our products affordable, but that they have been made and shipped within the country so that you WOULD NOT be charged for shipping, you WOULD NOT have to deal with an exchange rate and you WOULD obtain a high quality Canadian made product.

Since we have expanded to the UK and continental Europe along with Australia, we have been featured in outlets ranging from The Wall Street Journal to Forbes, along with several gaming and non-gaming reviewing sites, magazines and articles.

We invite you to please look around our online store. Sumo Lounge assures you that you will find your ideal chair in no time.

You are also welcome to connect with us socially for the latest updates, news, events and discounts.